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Our vision

Having a real church where we can worship God and celebrate the Mass is our top priority and nothing will make us happier than to see this dream come true.

And every day we find people just like you who are willing help us with our mission, our dream becomes less of a dream and more of a reality!

Back Story...

The Corpus Christi Parish is made up of three communities: the Corpus Christi, St. Martin de Porres, and Our Lady of Lourdes communities.

These three communities cater for the spiritual needs of Catholics across an area of over 11 km (~7 miles). Right now, the Corpus Christi community does not have a church building to worship in.

Right now, we’re using a small classroom in a community college.

At first, it was okay. Like the early Church in the Bible, we started by meeting in homes until our Parish was born in the year 2015. But now, things have changed. We’re no longer than tiny community that began the parish.

We have grown.

Gone are the days when we could barely fill up a classroom. The classroom which housed us for so long, and for which we are very much grateful, has helped us build the unity and love we now share.

Today, we know that having a Church building will not only accommodate more people but will also be more inviting and welcoming to new visitors and converts.


Building Update [7th December, 2021]

Giving is not about making a donation.
It is about making a difference.

Advantages of having a church building

Any Christian knows that there are so many great reasons why a Church should have a physical church building. We’re only going to mention four:

1) A Sacred Space For God

The Catholic Church, when built will be dedicated to God as a place of worship. It will be a place where people can walk into at anytime of the day and feel that reverence and awe that makes you know you’ve walked into a church.

The church building alone can go a long way in the evangelism process. It’s easy to say, “Oh, there’s a new Church near my house; I should go check them out” than to say, “Oh, a group of people now gather every Sunday at the community college school; I should go check them out.”

Since it’s a dedicated place of worship and not just a secondary school classroom turned into a worship center on Sundays, we won’t have to worry about cleaning up decaying lunch from Friday every single time.

2) A Consecrated Altar

At the centre of the Catholic Church is the Eucharist. Holy Mass is where we reenact what Jesus did with his disciples many years ago when he changed bread and wine into his Body and Blood. This consecration of bread and wine happens every Sunday on the altar.

Now, since we are currently using a classroom for Mass, the table in the classroom is used as the altar.

We would like to have our own altar; front and centre in the Church of God, solemnly consecrated by the bishop and used only for the celebration of Mass.

We want to give God his due and keep it that way. That cannot happen while we’re still celebrating Masses in a classroom.

3) Church Activities

Growing up, almost everyone can remember going to one weekly church programme or the other. These programmes and activities help to build children’s faith and keep them actively engaged in the church even after they have become adults.

We do not have the option of holding these events in our community because during the week, the classrooms are in use.

Weddings, funeral Masses, and any other church activity that is to hold during the week either has to happen in in a rented building or in a church that is far away from the local community.

This means that many activities either have little attendance and participation or are completely cancelled.

With our own church building, that will definitely change.

The church is the Church’s property all day everyday, and at the center of the community, it will be easy accessible to everyone. This will make it a lot easier for groups like the altar servers and evangelism team to meet.

4) Securing Church Equipment

The more a church grows, the more it will begin to rely on lots of equipment and facilities to keep it running smoothly. These would include good sanitary facilities, public address systems, and everything else the hospitality and welfare departments would need to cater to the physical needs of the members at Mass and other events.

Since the classroom is not ours, speakers, microphones, sacred linen and vessels, standing fans, and many more things have to be stored in different people’s homes and brought to Mass on Sundays.

The toilets are found in whatever state they were left in the previous week. 

Thoughts of acquiring new equipment are immediately banished by the thoughts of figuring our where to store them or how much it would cost to maintain them without a building.

With a church building, we’ll have fans, speakers, microphones, musical instruments, comfortable pews for the congregation, a magnificent toilet, water dispensers for dehydrated adults and ever-thirsty children, a tabernacle, a sacristy to store sacred linen and vestments, stations of the cross paintings, a Marian grotto, a chapel, and many more things that makes a Catholic Church unique.

…and it is because of your generosity that we look forward to the day we’ll celebrate our very first Mass in our own finished Church building!


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