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Corpus Christi Parish!

A Parish in the Diocese of Kingstown, SVG.

One Body. One Family.


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Meet the family

The Corpus Christi Parish is a close-knit community that can be easily mistaken for one huge extended family, striving each week to live out the words of Jesus Christ:

“By this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you love each other.”
– John 13:35.

This Parish is not just ‘another Catholic Community’ to us; it’s our home. And every day, we work to better ourselves, the community we live in, and the Body of Christ.

We invite you to share this amazing journey with us.

Our Values


We have created an environment of brotherly love and unity where each person can truly feel the connection we all share in the Body of Christ.


The Corpus Christi Parish provides a conducive atmosphere to discover, develop, and nurture the talents and gifts of her members.


At the core of this parish is a Eucharistic Spirituality that strengthens our relationship with God and gives us the grace to carry out our discipleship mandate.


Our small groups are a large part of the Corpus Christi Parish. Here sets the foundation for continuing catechesis, spiritual formation, and an overall integral human development.

With your help, we can transform our community.

Support our cause to build our church debt free.

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